LORD Conical Mount | J-21102-1 | J-21103-1 | J-21104-1

Compression Load Range: 180 - 2,560 lbs (801 - 11,392 N)

"Effective vibration isolation and noise attenuation..."

LORD Conical Mounts provide effective vibration isolation and noise attenuation with a simple, robust mount design.

Consistent performance, high load-bearing capabilities and a choice of radial stiffness characteristics are key features. For more demanding vibration and noise reduction requirements, LORD integrates conical mounts with surface-effect technology.

Conical mount applications include cab, engine and transmission mounts for trucks, buses, construction and agricultural vehicles.

Features & Benefits

  • Typical static deflection of 5mm
  • Choice of radial stiffness
  • Can be snubbed
  • Can be safetied with the use of snubbing washers
  • Withstand R.O.P.S. loads with support rings
  • Easy to install
  • Exhibit long, highly reliable service life
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