Compression Load Range: 200 - 920 lbs

"Tuned to precisely match application requirements..."

LORD Fluidlastic® Mounts combine rubber and fluids to provide vibration isolation and noise reduction measurably better than conventional mounts. They also provide greater versatility because the mounts are tuned to precisely match application requirements. This new generation of mounts will help you solve tough vibration and noise problems.

Three-In-One Performance

The Fluidlastic Mount is three mounts in one depending upon the frequency and amplitude of the excitation.

  • First, it’s a spring providing basic load and motion capability to the system.
  • Second, it’s a damper providing restricted motion at or near resonant conditions.
  • And thirdly, it’s a tuned absorber providing superior isolation at a specific frequency.
Fluidlastic Mounts are rubber mounts which encapsulate a fluid that flows through a variety of ports and orifices depending upon the dynamic characteristics needed (see Figure 1). The result is a very versatile and effective vibration isolator.
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Why They Out-Perform Conventional Rubber Mounts?

The Fluidlastic Mount concept allows the use of a softer mount for better isolation of vibration and uses internal fluid damping to reduce motions at resonant conditions or shock inputs. Fluidlastic mounts offer tuneable damping. The level of damping and the frequency where the peak damping occurs can be specified. A variety of fluids and orifice configurations create this damper effect. The fluid provides damping in the amplification region, as well as very low damping in the isolation region.

Three-In-One Performance

  1. It’s a spring
  2. It’s a damper
  3. It’s a tuned absorber










Another important feature of the Fluidlastic Mount is a conveniently packaged tuned absorber. Fluid movement within the mount as it is deflected becomes a tuned mass at a specific frequency or frequency band. This absorber effect is accomplished by the porting and geometry of the fluid path within the mount. The result is a dynamic stiffness that is considerably softer than the static stiffness for that frequency range. This feature is especially useful in improving isolation of noise or vibration at a predominant frequency.

For off-highway equipment, LORD Fluid Mounts protects operators by minimizing noise and vibration in the cab. High Capacity mounts provide control of the horizontal cab shaking for crawlers and dozers, and Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) mounts include a high strength stopper—without the need for additional snubbing components. These mounts operate effectively in severe temperatures.

LORD Corporation’s design experience along with its test and analytical capability makes them the leader for this new generation of mounts.

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