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DELTAFLEX®...A Rubber Parts Company.®

DeltaFlex is a multi-faceted rubber parts company.  From our line of industry leading LORD Corporation Vibration, Shock & Motion Control products to our Standard Rubber Products (grommets, bumpers, O-rings,..) to our custom manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise, we have the rubber parts and services that you are looking for to help improve your products and your bottom line.

DeltaFlex maintains maximum value in rubber parts by consistently working to control costs through the development of new and more efficient ways of doing things. Both our domestic in-house manufacturing capabilities and our global sourcing activities allow us to locate and provide the most cost-effective products and services available on the planet.

Let DeltaFlex add value to your supply chain.

Passive Vibration Control Products for Industrial Applications

Vibration, shock, motion and noise control problems area fact of life in the design and operation of many types of equipment today. DeltaFlex and LORD Corporation can help you solve such problems with a wide range of control products for applications that include: electric motors; fans and blowers; vibratory conveyors and other material handling equipment; pumps, compressors and refrigeration units; disk drives; measuring instruments; construction and agricultural equipment; electronic devices; and punch presses, lathes and other industrial equipment.

DeltaFlex offers LORD's standardized products to meet most applications, but some control problems require specialized solutions such as a custom-designed mount or a combination of our products. Our applications engineers specialize in vibration and noise control and can analyze your individual requirements and provide the most effective and affordable product solutions.


Efficient power transmission and driveline component durability are among powertrain designers' most important concerns. Increased durability and up-time are two characteristics demanded by purchasers of today's complex and expensive machinery. These demands can only be met with reliable, trouble-free, smooth-running powertrains free from damaging loads which compromise component life.


LORD DYNAFLEX Rubber Driveline Coupling - Shear Type


LORD DYNAFLEX LCD Rubber Driveline Coupling


LORD Rubber Driveline Drive Train Coupling LCR


LORD Rubber Coupling


LORD Plateform Mounts provide effective isolation against vibration. The contour of the flexing element was developed to provide uniform stress distribution. This, plus high strength bonding and the use of specially compounded elastomers, provides maximum service life.

LORD Rubber Plateform Mount Plateform Mount Series

LORD Heavy Duty Rubber Plateform Mount

LORD Rubber Multiplane Mount Series


LORD Machinery Mounts are designed to support heavy equipment and isolate intermittent or continuous vibration. The result is greater machine accuracy, longer service life, smoother operation and reduced maintenance. These mounts are available in four types to suit different needs.