LORD Center Bonded Rubber Bushings without Outer Member

Compression Load Range: 200 - 8,200 lbs (890 - 36,475 N)

"Absorption of shock, attenuation of noise, reduction of wear and elimination of lubrication..."

LORD Center-Bonded Bushings are used in applications where the absorption shock, attenuation of noise, reduction of wear and elimination of lubrication is required.

Center-bonded bushings are designed to be loaded radially and utilize a soft torsional spring rate to provide freedom in rotation. High radial restraint maintains the alignment between joined parts.

Typical Applications

  • Heavy duty highway equipment
  • Drilling equipment
  • Harvesters
  • Combines
  • Industrial machinery

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Uncomplicated design provides initial economy
  • High-strength bonding assures extended service life
  • Minimal maintenance due to specially compounded elastomer
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Engineering Support

Bushing Selection

  1. Determine the amount of static loading at the installation point.
  2. Determine the conditions under which the joint will operate.

The following should be used as a guide to part selection for Type “A” and Type “B” service.

  • TYPE A: Extreme conditions (reversing dynamic load or distortion at high frequency – over 600 cpm), use 1/3 the Radial Static Load Rating.
  • TYPE B: Average conditions (constant radial load, intermittent shock), use the Radial Static Load Rating.