LORD Industrial Micro-Mount

Static Load: 0.1lb lbs (46g)

"Allows for Vibration Isolation at the Circuit Board level..."

LORD Micro-Mount™ Series are unique high-performance vibration isolators small enough and soft enough to protect individual electronic components allowing for vibration isolation at the circuit board level. Micro-Mounts can be used as a stand-alone solution or to augment performance of a LORD full-system vibration isolation solution. These small, flexible vibration isolation mounts are used successfully on GPS oscillators in satellites, military aircraft, downhole oil & gas equipment, and many more demanding applications which require ruggedized electronics.

Features & Benefits

  • Individual mounts support 0.1 lb
  • Standard hardware
  • Easy installation; available in Nut/Nut, Post/Nut,  and Post/Post configurations in many common  threads (#2-56, #4-40, M3)
  • Temperature rated to 350°F continuous operation (400°F peak)
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Made of BTR ® (Broad Temperature Range) silicone bonded to stainless-steel, these elastomeric vibration mounts are ideal for applications requiring consistent performance at extreme temperatures. And, the combination of this unique, high-end silicone with stainless-steel components assures the easy installation of these vibration isolators in a wide range of applications. Micro-Mounts are the electronics vibration isolator of choice when faced with severe applications that require extended service life.

LORD Micro-Mount isolators can be designed to meet your unique condition.