LORD Square-Bonded Rubber Bushings

Compression Load Range: 700 - 5000 lbs (3,114 - 22,241 N)

"Absorption of shock, attenuation of noise, reduction of wear and elimination of lubrication..."

LORD Square-Bonded Bushings are used in applications where the absorption shock, attenuation of noise, reduction of wear and elimination of lubrication is required.

Square-Bonded Bushings accommodate angular movement and isolate vibratory disturbances in heavy equipment. These bushings combine a torsional spring with an elastomeric pivot and isolator. They provide positive torsional positioning and pivot action under the most demanding operating conditions.

Typical Applications

  • Wheel suspensions
  • Vibratory feeders
  • Mobile power equipment
  • Vibratory cable layers

Easy to install, the uncomplicated designs of the Center-Bonded and Square-Bonded Bushings provide initial economy, while the rugged elastomers and high strength bonding assure extended service life.

To select a Square-Bonded Bushing for your requirements, compute the static torsional load it must support. Select from the Tables, a bushing with static torque at 15° which is equal to or greater than the computed load.

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Compute the static plus the dynamic torsional load. If this total load exceeds three times the static torque at 15°, select a larger size static torque rating part. Static radial load should also be computed and compared to the maximum static radial load listed above. Dynamic plus static radial load can also be three times loads listed above.