"The biggest impact that vibration isolation can have, is with the end users of our customers products, more importantly their perception of the quality of those products."

Where to buy LORD mounts Isolators Couplings

For nearly 100 years, LORD has led the way in developing solutions to manage motion and to minimize noise, vibration and shock.

"Our goal is to help improve the quality of your products..."

LORD Mounts, LORD Industrial Vibration Isolators and Dynaflex Driveline Couplings provide effective isolation against vibration and protection against shock. These products have a wide variety of uses including engine isolation, cab isolation and general applications.

Develop Solutions

DeltaFlex will partner with you to research and develop solutions that meet your specific needs. Our goal is to help improve the quality of your products.

System Engineering Analysis

Frequently, vibration isolation problems require a system engineering analysis. DeltaFlex has the computer capability, as well as specialized programs, for analyzing engine/transmission combinations. The output from these analysis is a mounting proposal which optimizes performance over the complete range of operating speeds. If you require this type of engineering assistance please call DeltaFlex at 800.657.0747 or use the web form to the right and we will be glad to assist you.

Custom Solutions

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Engineering Support

The parts listed on rubberpartscatalog.com are standard products. The design and configuration are owned and controlled by LORD. Requirements conveyed by customer drawings or specifications will be matched as closely as possible to a standard product in order to ensure comparable form, fit and function. An exact match, however, is not assured. If this is not acceptable, please contact DeltaFlex Engineering for assistance on a custom-design quotation.

Below is a list of DeltaFlex's LORD Vibration, Shock & Motion Control products. Each section is a basic overview of the features, applications and benefits.

DeltaFlex.com is designed to assist in the selection of LORD products to solve a variety of vibration, shock, noise and motion control problems.

Standard Vibration, Shock & Motion Control Products

Static Load: 0.1lb lbs (46g) "Allows for Vibration...
Compression Load Range: 6 - 13,440 lbs
NEW LORD Viscous Cab Mounts "...decrease noise and vibration and...
Compression Load Range: 0.5 - 500 lbs

Compression Load Range: 75 - 2,100 lbs
Compression Load Range: 40 - 3,450 lbs
Compression Load Range: 50 - 7,500 lbs
Compression Load Range: 200 - 9,300 lbs

Load Rating: 30 - 1,000 lbs (133 - 4450 N)
Compression Load Range: 180 - 2,560 lbs
Compression Load Range: 200 - 920 lbs
Compression Load Range: 700 - 1,570 lbs

Compression Load Range: 120 - 300 lbs
Compression Load Range: 1,000 - 1,500 lbs
Compression Load Range: 1 - 6 lbs
-65⁰ (Below Zero) - 300⁰F Functioning Temperature Range

Efficient power transmission and driveline components
Horsepower Rated: 1/50 hp to 1 hp at 1750 rpm
Horsepower Rated: 5 hp to 1000 hp at 2000 rpm
Horsepower Rated: 10 hp to 600 hp at 2000 rpm

Horsepower Rated: 4 hp to 135 hp at 2000 rpm
Horsepower: Rated 75 hp to 2000 hp at 2000 rpm
"Safetied...prevent damage from overload or excessive shock impact...