In-House Rubber Molding and Manufacturing Capabilities

From Transfer molding to Compression molding; from single cavity to multi-cavity molds; from small press to large we will select the best process to meet your needs.  We also provide what we call our “Low Tech Approach” that is, keeping the processes simple.  Low Tech, when used with imagination, can frequently offer elegant, inexpensive and effective solutions.

We can offer a “Just in Case Tool” – a small tool that replicates a custom imported part that assures you parts in the event a transportation or production problem develops between off- shore and your production line.

Fabrication, Secondary Operations and Value Added Services

We provide a myriad of fabrication and secondary operations and services, including grinding, cutting, slitting, marking, packaging, modifying and customizing existing parts, and stocking and releasing custom parts – Just In Time. 

Standard & Custom Rubber Materials

We will work with you to select the best material for your application.  Included in our library of standard rubber compounds are EPDM, Neoprene, Buna N (Nitrile), Buna S, Natural Rubber, Isoprene, Silicone, and Fluorocarbon.

If your application requirements have an unusually challenging environment, our raw material suppliers’ chemists are available to help develop a rubber compound specificly for you. 

Add Value to Your Supply Chain

Let DeltaFlex add value to your supply chain.

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Compression & transfer molded rubber products, capacity 1/10 oz. to 24 lbs., prototype to production, short to long runs. 


DeltaFlex Standard Rubber Parts