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"Delta Flex supplied rubber parts improve system life cycle, reduce costly maintenance and eliminate unwanted noise..."

Lord rubber isolators shine in conveyor system applications. Lord rubber mounts reduce noise and isolate vibration in conveyor systems allowing all areas of your facility to be more productive. Conveyor belt systems use Lord mounts to fasten frames to floors and to act as "bumper" at the conveyor's end. They help reduce down time and maintenance costs.

By reducing vibration, vital components in the motor of the conveyor system have an increased life span and will perform better than those with elevated levels of vibration. When vibration levels are high due to improper mounting, it can be difficult to determine if there are problems with the conveyor which are typically found when the level of vibration changes. With Lord mounts, vibration is reduced so noticing motor wear through additional vibration is simpler and can prevent fatal damage to your conveyor system. 

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Delta Flex supplied rubber parts help quiet conveyor systems, improve system life cycle, reduces costly maintenance and eliminate unwanted noise. 

Max. Static Load: 425 - 4,000 lbs (1890 - 17,793 N)
Compression Load Range: 6 - 13,440 lbs
Max. Static Load: 50 - 400 lbs (222 - 1779 N)
Compression Load Range: 120 - 500 lbs. (534 - 2,225 N)

Compression Load Range: 130 - 2040 lbs (130 - 9074 N)
Compression Load Range: 1,575 - 13,440 lbs (7006 - 59,808 N)
Max. Axial Load: 4500 lbs (20,017 N)